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This Corner - Convenience

At the corner of Routes  926 and 202 in West Chester , Pennsylvania, a medical doctor drives from her office in Chester County Hospital to her home in Cherry Creek.  She listens to her voice mail while she waits for the light to change.  Tonight she will pick up her daughter at Stetson, pick up some groceries at Acme, stop at CVS for some sale items.  A soccer mom pushes through the light as she hurries to a job interview.  An accountant driving to work in the borough wishes that his office were closer to his home.  Each sees their medical doctor on the phone in her car at the traffic light and remembers yet another location to visit, another errand to run.

Call today and discuss renting space and improving your business. We will be adding 5200 Square feet of Professional Office Space Fall 2012.  Rent negotiable dependent on length of lease and amount  of space rented. See : "Your Solutions" heading for details Leasing space Fall 2012. Call 484-678-9860 to learn more.


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